A Message From ZooAtlanta’s CEO – What We Can All Do

Here is a good article with a great message by ZooAtlanta’s CEO, Raymond B. King.  He explains how ZooAtlanta has successfully partnered with Fanforce, an Atlanta-based start-up company that focuses on capturing and using customer information.

But the purpose of the article is not to hype the partnership itself, but rather explain why an established Atlanta organization should partner with an early-stage one.

The article is a rallying cry for Atlanta’s business community to engage with more of Atlanta’s early-stage companies.  “We must embrace the innovation in our own backyards,” Mr. King writes, “making it easier for our robust entrepreneurial community to do business with local organizations.”

Mr. King’s message is consistent with an earlier SterlingFunder blog post in which we called for Georgians and Georgia businesses to rally behind equity crowdfunding.  Businesses should do this not for SterlingFunder’ sake, but for the sake of economic growth in Georgia.  Equity crowdfunding drives capital to start-up and early-stage companies.  Those companies, in turn, create new jobs, occupy empty office space and add to the tax coffers.  Large returns to investors are another key objective of equity crowdfunding.  In other words, equity crowdfunding is good for everyone.

For equity crowdfunding to work in Georgia – one of the first states in our country to adopt equity crowdfunding – the business and investment communities must get behind it and get involved.  So, the message is simple: get educated on equity crowdfunding, get involved and help these young companies grow and prosper.  Everyone wins.