Georgia Secretary of State Speaks Out About Equity Crowdfunding and the Invest Georgia Exemption

We are glad to have found on YouTube a video by Georgia Secretary of State Kemp about the Invest Georgia Exemption, which is Georgia’s equity crowdfunding law. Also appearing in the video is Vincent Russo, who was the department’s top lawyer before leaving for private practice a few months ago.

The video describes the basic mechanics of the Invest Georgia Exemption, as well as the Secretary’s motivations for adopting this ground-breaking rule. “One of my goals as Secretary of State was to try to help small business owners, help entrepreneurs,” Mr. Kemp said, and “also cut government red tape. This is how the concept for the Invest Georgia Exemption came about.”

He wisely noted that private sector works best when government gets out of the way.

Mr. Russo explained that “IGE is a way that small businesses here in Georgia and investors here in Georgia, can grow their business ventures.”

This equity crowdfunding rule has put Georgia on the crowdfunding map nationally. Once Georgian companies and investors become fully involved, the rule will start to work, making capital easier to access for businesses and providing an entirely new asset class for investors. Please help spread the word about Georgia’s equity crowdfunding laws and get involved on SterlingFunder.

Information about the Invest Georgia Exemption from the Georgia Secretary of State can be gotten by contacting [email protected] or calling (404) 656-2881.

You can also learn more about the Invest Georgia Exemption here.