Three Powerful But Underused Features on SterlingFunder

SterlingFunder is a complete and robust website. It is part crowdfunding portal and part crowdfunding library. While we are continually working on improvements and new add-ons, there are a number of powerful features that are underused. Here are three of my favorites:

  1. The Learning Hub Knowing that equity crowdfunding is new and unknown to most people in the country, we devoted a lot of resources to providing educational content. Knowledge is power. The Learning Hub includes FAQs, articles, videos, a blog and a detailed glossary.
  2. Follow Button. Once you are on a particular campaign page on SterlingFunder, you’ll see a blue “Follow” button. By “following” an equity crowdfunding campaign, you will have quicker access to campaign information and updates.
  3. Dashboard. Every user has a Dashboard. In your Dashboard, you can quickly access any crowdfunding campaigns you are managing. You can also view the campaigns you are following, so you quickly get to those you care most about. Once you’ve made a crowdfunding investment, it will appear in your Dashboard – think of it as your online portfolio.

Put these powerful features to use to enhance your experience on SterlingFunder.