With WorkforceSoftwareSolutions, you can be confident that your company will get the attention it deserves from qualified investors. Our mission is to help businesses get funding by connecting entrepreneurs with investors who can offer capital and mentoring, ensuring a mutually beneficial venture for both.

Entrepreneurial Expertise

As entrepreneurs, we know that creating a business is hard work and you will want some experts on your team. That’s what we’re here for – our team is YOUR team.

Transparent and Trustworthy

We want you to know what you’re getting into before you start, so we explain the process and have full disclosure about what you need to bring to the table, from documents to fees. No surprises.

Guidance and Educational Tools

We take you seriously. In addition to our Learning Hub, we provide each company or startup with a Personal Campaign Manager to guide them through the process of creating an effective campaign.

Step by Step

We explain what goes into a successful campaign, from your pitch to your social networking. Our portal is secure and easy to navigate and facilitates the connection for entrepreneurs and investors.

I always knew I was an entrepreneur, but until crowdfunding I had no way to find the funding I needed for my startup. WorkforceSoftwareSolutions made it happen for me. It wasn’t easy, but it was definitely easier than the old-fashioned way of raising capital.

Create your campaign with WorkforceSoftwareSolutions today.

Solid business ideas yield solid business returns and WorkforceSoftwareSolutions has a growing database of investors looking for viable investment opportunities.

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